Program Book

Below is a program book that I created for the Tech Council's Venture Conference. I am particularly pleased with the formatting for the pitching companies starting on page 11. It was a challenge to create a format that concisely presented the information from each company while working with the variety of data submitted by the …

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A Comparative Study of Municipal Waste Policy

A Comparative Study of Municipal Waste Policy Everything is or will be trash. Eventually all things, both living and material, will die, deteriorate, or become obsolete. Living on a planet of finite space and resources, there is a duality in the concept of trash. It is both something that is considered no longer needed, but …

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German Writing Sample – Technical

Der Landwehrkanal Der Landwehrkanal wurde zwischen 1845 und 1850 von Peter Joseph Lenné in Berlin erbaut. Peter Joseph Lenné war ein preußischer Gartenkünstler und Landschaftarchitekt des deutschen Klassizismus. Er arbeitete fast ein halbes Jahrhundert an der Gartenkunst in Preußen. Eine seiner bedeutendsten Leistungen bestand im Bau des Landwehrkanals nach Plänen des Oberbaurats Johann Carl Ludwig …

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